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Club Auctions

Auction Gavel Hammer

The word "auction" is derived from the Latin augeô which means

"I increase" or "I augment".

Auctions have a long history, having been recorded as early as 500 B.C. According to Herodotus, in Babylon auctions of women for marriage were held annually. The auctions began with the woman the auctioneer considered to be the most beautiful and progressed to the least. It was considered illegal to allow a daughter to be sold outside of the auction method.

Our Spring 2014 Invitational Auctions will take place on the evening of Tuesday 22nd April, 2014

Normally about 60 to 75 lots with a minimum catalogue value of $5 are hammered by our own Auctioneer Reay Cairns.

   Click at the top left for 2014 Fall Invitational Lots Listing

6:30-7:15 pm

• The doors will open, socializing, buying and trading.
• Auction lots viewing and silent bidding

7:15-7:45 pm

•There will be a short meeting & an exchange of news & information.

7:45-8:45 pm

•The Live Auction will take place
•Collect cash from buyers
•Pay-out sellers

West Toronto Stamp Club vocal auctions continue to take place since 1935.