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Machin Study Group

Who Are We?

The Machin Study Group, hosted by the West Toronto Stamp Club, is a small group of Machin collectors who, in February 2011, began to meet monthly to study the Machin definitive issue from Great Britain. None of us can be considered an expert in the subject and, so far, none of us has either an extensive researched collection or an exhibit. We have, however, chosen to gather and, as a group, explore this fascinating series of stamps. We will learn together with each member determining the level of his / her collection.

Collecting Machins 101

Photos Of Phosphor Bands On The 8p Red

Click Here >> Photographic Examples Of The Phosphor Bands Of The 8p Red


Membership in the Machin Study Group is automatically extended to every member of the West Toronto Stamp Club as a member benefit. Members of other stamp clubs making up the Greater Toronto Area Philatelic Alliance are also included at no charge as a GTAPA membership benefit.

Other interested persons, generally residing outside the Greater Toronto Area, are invited to participate through electronic submissions. Those indicating an interest are being included on our email distribution list.

During our initial period of operation, no dues are charged, but a voluntary donation is suggested to defray the cost of refreshments at the meeting.


Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (except July and August) in the library of the Fairfield Senior Centre in Etobicoke.


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