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The Learning Workshop provides a forum for the examination of subjects that cannot be fitted into a regular meeting night and that will appeal to the non-specialist stamp collector. The prime purpose is to share collecting interests and information on subjects that appeal to all stamp enthusiasts whether established or new to the hobby. The program will be aimed at the general collector and will invite participation from all attendees and will encourage collectors to explore various aspects of the hobby without being overwhelmed by specialists. Any meeting may address more than one subject.

No business will be conducted at these meetings.

Contact: Ian Robertson - email: vicepresident@westtorontostampclub.org

Meeting time & place

The Learning Workshop meets in the library at the Fairfield Senior's Centre on the 1st Tuesday of each month except July, August. The doors open at 7:00 pm with the meeting beginning at 7:30. Most meetings conclude between 9:00 and 9:30.

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As of Feb 2019 ~ NOTE - please see 'CLUB NEWS' - the 'Club Newletter/Bulletin' section. The current Bulletin for the month will be posted and will give the for details of upcoming events and meetings.

2016, October 4
TOPIC: Let's Talk About Your Favourite ........ (fill in the blank)
Everyone has a favourite item in his/her collection. Bring it out and show your fellow club members what you collect and why you collect it. No need to mount the item as an exhibit - just bring the album or page or whatever

2016, November 1
TOPIC: Let's Talk About Canada's Centennial Issue, 1967-72
Bring your stamps, covers, books and questions about this popular modern Canadian Issue.

Subjects Under Consideration to be Scheduled
- Reading & Understanding Stamp Catalogues
- Tools for Stamp Collectors
- Topical Collecting
- Modern Self Adhesive Stamps
- Any other topic requested by our members (send requests to Ian Robertson)

Records of Machin Study meetings

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2016, June 7

2014, June 3    2014, May 6