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2014 Annual Stamp Exhibition

Our 61st Annual Stamp Exhibition was held on 13 May 2014.

Coordinated by Frank Alusio and Garfield Portch (for the Machin entries), and supported by numerous volunteers, 19 members participated with at least a Single-page display. Some members displayed in different categories.

Visit www.westtorontostampclub.org for more information.

19 members with
The Frank Alusio Award
4 members with
The Ted Allen Cup
5 members with
One Frame
The Everett Drake Trophy
Here are some of the protagonists who made the event a memorable one:
Frank Garfield
The Chair, Frank Alusio
The Co-chair, Garfield Portch
Chris Peter
Exhibitor, Chris Edwards
Exhibitor, Peter Butler
David Denzil
Exhibitor, David Gooderham
Exhibitor, Denzil Fernandes
22 members cast their ballots which resulted in the following winners:

Awards Presentation

Chris Edwards,
Winner of the Single-page Award for
'My Cover Story'
Chris Edwards,
Winner of the Multi-page Award for
'Australian Machins'

David Gooderham,
Winner of the One-frame Award for
'MACHINS - The Many Areas of Collectable Interest'
Thank you to all the participants, and congratulations to the winners.
Many thanks are conveyed to the 'Sansford Family Trust' for donating the prizes.
The photos are credited to our fellow member Peter Jones with thanks.