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Who we are
The West Toronto Stamp Club is a group of individuals bonded by a common interest in the hobby of stamp collecting or philately. Our membership of approximately 90 consists of both ladies and gentlemen of various cultural backgrounds in an age range between early teens and mid 90’s. Our members represent all aspects of the hobby including general collectors, thematic collectors, specialists, exhibitors (local to international level), and researchers. The experience level ranges from beginners to very high levels.
What we do

The Club offers a variety of activities in which members participate, including:

    Monthly meetings (except during July and August)
    Discussion and study groups
    Knowledgeable speakers on relevant and timely topics
    Annual exhibition in which members compete for Club Trophies
    Club Auctions

The Club plans its activities to meet the needs of collectors of all ages and to assist them in enhancing the enjoyment and knowledge they derive from stamp collecting, by:

    Providing a place to meet regularly
    Promoting the hobby to all ages
    Providing opportunities to discuss and learn
    Providing ways to acquire and dispose of materials
    Fostering friendships among collectors

Club History
The West Toronto Stamp Club dates back to February 20, 1935 when a group of philatelic-minded individuals met to discuss forming a club. The following month, on March 10, the first official meeting of the WTSC took place at the Assembly Hall, then located at 2875 Dundas Street West, near Keele Street. The Club was an early member of The RPSC, joining in 1939 (Chapter 14).

The WTSC has prospered over the years and continues to be one of the more vibrant clubs in the Greater Toronto Area. The number of people who have been members exceeds 1046. The Club's longevity and success is due to the enthusiasm, dedication and passion of all who have been, or are members.

80th anniversary (2015)

Article appearing in the Etobicoke Guardian (May 18, 2015): Full Story Link click here

Presentation in PDF form: click here

85th Anniversary (2020)
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Directors & Officers
President - Sid Mensinga - email: president@westtorontostampclub.org
Vice President - Ian Robertson - email: vicepresident@westtorontostampclub.org
Past President - Frank Alusio FRPSC
Treasurer - Lawrence Pinkney
Membership - Ted Swain - email: membership@westtorontostampclub.org


Don Hedger - Email: hedger_director@westtorontostampclub.org
plus, Fred Colbourn, Simon Claughton, Denzil Fernandes, Jose Restrepo, Ted Swain.

Auctions Chair - Garfield Portch FRPSC
Auctions Administrators - Denzil Fernandes / Jose Restrepo
Bulletin Editor – Robert Timberg
Circuit Book Manager - Victoria Claughton
Discussion Group - Garfield Portch FRPSC
Learning Workshop - Ian Robertson
Webmaster – Denzil Fernanades - email: webmaster@westtorontostampclub.org

Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, Chapter 14
Greater Toronto Area Philatelic Alliance, Founding Member
Visitors / Membership
Visitors are always welcome at all meetings of the West Toronto Stamp Club.
Join Us
Join us. Our club annual fees are $20.

Fees will be prorated for members joining later in the year as set by the Board.

Please feel free to download our membership form and bring it to our next club meeting and give it to the membership secretary.

Application Form - click here