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Meeting Time & Format

Regular meetings and auctions are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month except July and August. There will be some exceptions in December due to seasonal functions and the 4th meeting in May which is reserved for the Club exhibition.

Time Activity
6:30 An opportunity to socialize, buy and trade
7:15 – 7:45 Club meeting, news and information, opportunity for brief Share & Learn / Show & Tell
7:45 – 9:00 Auction

Auction Guidelines & Rules

Any member of the Club in good standing is invited to submit lots. All members and visitors are welcome to become bidders.

Lots Description
Items are to be mounted on stiff paper and described on the auction tag as per instructions. Note: If the lot does not meet the instructions conditions it will not be accepted. Auction tags can be downloaded from this website. For those who are not able to access the web, tags are available from the Auction Chair.

Submission of Lots
Lots for auctions must be hand-delivered on the same evening of the auctions. No lots will be accepted after 6:55 p.m. The maximum acceptable number of lots is 10 per person.

Minimum Lot Value
All lots must have a minimum catalogue value of $5.00

Bidding will begin with the stated reserve or with an estimate by the auctioneer.

Bidding increments will be: under $10 50¢
$10 to $20 $1.00
$20 to $30 $2.00
More than $30 auctioneer’s discretion but not less than $3

Sellers are encouraged to protect their lots with a reserve bid. If the lots are not protected, there is a possibility that they may be sold at a low bid.

The Club will charge 10% on the sale (paid by the seller). No charge for unsold lot. Unsold lot(s) will be returned to Seller on the same evening.

Payment to Seller
The Seller will be paid immediately following the auction.

Auction Tags

To download printable PDF form - click here.

Instructions on how to fill out the Auction tag

The seller must fill out the auction tag and attach it to the lot as per the example shown:

Contact: Sid Mensinga president@westtorontostampclub

Circuit Book Templates

These stamp circuit book templates are provided so that Members can document and list their stamps for sale in different formats. Stamps and/or philatelic material are applied to pages using stamp hinges and are priced by the vendor at a cost that is generally less than catalogue price.

Members wishing to use Circuit-Book services for selling their philatelic material, need to follow the "Guidelines" and read through the Submission Agreement -

**Revised** GUIDELINES printable PDF form - click here.

Submission Agreement printable PDF form - click here.

To download printable PDF form Templates

1 x 1 - click here.

1 x 2 - click here.

1 x 3 - click here.

2 x 2 - click here.

2 x 3 - click here.

3 x 3 - click here.

3 x 4 - click here.

3 x 5 - click here.

4 x 4 - click here.

4 x 5 - click here.

5 x 4 - click here.

5 x 5 - click here.

6 x 5 - click here.

Contact: Sid Mensinga president@westtorontostampclub